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Proposed revision to Training Academy standard 7.4.8 relating to the firearms range.

At the July 2020 virtual meeting of the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee (SRIC) the committee directed staff to post for client comments the following standard.  The proposed changes require the written directive to address the academy’s use of the range. Please post your comments or send them to CALEA prior to Friday September 4th, 2020.


7.4.8 (M) Firearms Range

If the academy operates a firearms range, A written directive describes regulations for its use the academy’s use of a firearms range and shall include, at a minimum, the following:

  1. the purpose for which the range shall be utilized and restrictions, if any;
  2. procedures for making the range safe prior to use, to include warning method or devices alerting the general public of potential hazards;
  3. documented safety procedures and range rules which are reviewed prior to every training event held at the range;
  4. designation of a responsible person of during all times the range is in use;
  5. the type of weapons, ammunition, targets, and equipment permitted for use on the range;
  6. required personal safety equipment during use;
  7. compliance with appropriate environmental, remediation, and, local, state, and federal regulations;
  8. training and certification requirements for range supervisory personnel, to include emergency medical response training for firearms instructors; and
  9. regulations regarding the storage of ammunition and weapons.

Commentary:  The intent of this standard is to ensure protocols have been established and are applied for the academy's use of the firearms range.  This standard applies to any firearms range owned or utilized by the academy for any sanctioned training event.  Because of the type of activities occurring at firearms ranges, it is critical for the written directives and practices of the academy to stress safety, accountability, and control.

Bullet (a) sets forth the intended framework of providing flexibility and authority to the agency academy to establish a written directive that defines the parameters of permissible use of the range. In this regard, the agency academy shall establish guidelines for the utilization of the range, and this includes whether the agency academy will permit non-agency individuals and / or outside agencies to use the range. When an agency academy elects to permit non-agency individuals and / or outside agencies to utilize the range, the agency directive should require communication of the agency academy rules to any such user of the range. This communication should inform the non-agency individual and / or outside agency that the approved individual and / or agency assumes responsibility for compliance with the range safety rules and regulations during such permitted use.  This communication is to be accomplished in any reasonable manner the agency deems appropriate.

Prior to use of the range, notification should be made to neighboring entities in close proximity to the academy, to minimize any concerns or complaints arising from use of the range.

Safety rules and regulations for the range should be conspicuously posted and all users should be required to abide by those rules and regulations.  Properly trained and certified personnel should be on site and available at all times during range use. Some form of communications should be available during training such as radio and / or cell phone, and all participants engaged in firearms training should wear protective body armor and ear and eye protection.

Medical training should emphasize the types of injuries that may potentially occur during firearms training.  Safety procedures and range rules should be reviewed prior to every training event conducted at the range. (M)




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