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Proposed revision to Law Enforcement standard 4.1.2 relating to the use of deadly force

At a recent meeting of the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee (SRIC) the committee directed staff to post for client comments the following proposed revised standard.  Please post your comments prior to Friday July 17th, 2020.



(M M M M) (LE1) Use of Deadly Force

A written directive states that an officer may use deadly force may only be used when the an officer reasonably believes that the action is in defense of any human life in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury. Definitions of conditional terms, such as those for reasonable belief, serious physical injury, or similarly used terms that are used to qualify the directive, shall be included and reviewed during annual in-service training.



The intent of this standard is to establish a policy and training on the use of deadly force that which provides officers with guidance in the use of force in life-and-death situations, and to prevent loss of life to include that of the officer.  Associated policies should stress the importance of providing warning prior to the use of deadly force where reasonable, appropriate, and not prevented by physical environment, distance, or other situational circumstancesAdditionally, training and related policies should stress deadly force shall only be used as a last resort.   (M M M M) (LE1)

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