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Proposed revision to Law Enforcement standard 33.4.4 Entry Level Training

At a recent meeting of the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee (SRIC) the committee directed staff to post for client comments the following proposed standard revision.  Please post your comments prior to Friday January 22nd, 2021.


33.4.4 (MMMM) (LE1) Entry Level Training

The agency requires all full-time, part-time or volunteer individuals charged with performing sworn law enforcement duties to complete a an entry level recruit academy  training program equivalent to that required of full-time sworn officers. However, agencies who do not wish to include certain employee classifications with law enforcement responsibilities in a full entry level recruit training program academy may opt that classification out of a full academy training program by accomplishing the following:

a. prepare a detailed job task analysis for the position which identifies tasks that are law enforcement    related; and

b. develop a matrix that identifies the training, and hours of training provided, of that training for the classification.


Job Tasks may include but are not limited to Community Interaction; Introduction to Basic Law; Post Crime Considerations; Introduction to Traffic; Field Activities; Use of Force; Firearms Training; Self-Defense Tactics; Less-Lethal Force Training; Criminal Arrest Procedures; Criminal Law; Constitutional Law and Court Cases; Search and Seizure; First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers; Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations; Personnel; and any other related task.  The Detailed Job Task should also identify that the classification is prohibited from performing any law enforcement related duty for which specific training has not been provided.

Any function performed by a classification of employee for a specific type of law enforcement function must be the equivalent of that provided to any full-time sworn law enforcement officer. Agencies choosing to opt out of a full entry level training program must have a job task and classification for each function performing sworn law enforcement duties and provide required training for that classification.



Generally considered to be basic law enforcement training or for officer not currently in a sworn capacity. Recruit Training is the mandated training set by state, federal, or provincial authorities for a sworn officer to obtain general peace officer powers and make a full-custody arrest for violations of law.  



33.4.1 (MMMM) (LE1) Recruit Training Required

The agency requires all sworn officers to complete a recruit training program prior to assignment in any capacity in which the officer is allowed to carry a weapon or is in a position to make an arrest, except as part of a formal filed training program required in standard 33.4.3.


The intent of this standard is to preclude assigning persons to positions requiring the carrying of weapon, enforcing the law, or making arrests until they successfully complete a structured basic training course.  Those persons who have been hired, but who have not yet completed the basic training course, could be used in such positions as communications, records, or other activities not requiring the carrying of a weapon, enforcing the law, or making an arrest.  An exception is allowed for those trainees participating in the formal field training program required in standard 33.4.3. Training for employee classifications performing limited law enforcement duties refer to standard 33.4.4.




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