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Proposed revision to Law Enforcement standard 31.4.7 relating to selection criteria

At the May 2020 (formerly March in Orlando, FL) meeting of the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee (SRIC) the committee directed staff to post for client comments the following standard.  Note that Chapter 16 Reserve standards are proposed to be moved or deleted.  Please post your comments or send them to CALEA prior to Friday June 19th, 2020.


16.1.2 31.4.7 (LE1) (MMMM) (LE1) Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for reserves any sworn position relating to skills, knowledge and abilities are the same as those for full-time sworn officers.


Experience, physical condition, and other job related selection criteria applicable to full-time sworn officers apply equally to any sworn position reserves.  The process of selection may be different from that of full-time sworn officers, but the criteria are the same.  Selection criteria do not apply to higher education requirements such as an associate or bachelor degree.  (MMMM) (LE1)

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