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Proposed new Law Enforcement standard 4.1.8 relating to termination or reduction of force.

At a recent meeting of the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee (SRIC) the committee directed staff to post for client comments the following proposed new standard.  Please post your comments prior to Friday May 14th, 2021.


4.1.8 Termination of and Reduction of the Use of Force (LE1) M M M M

A written directive states in situations when the subject either ceases to resist or is under control, the use of force must be terminated or be reasonably reduced. (LE1) (M M M M)


Personnel actively engaged in the application of force must ensure the use of force does not continue beyond the point that is reasonable.  Additionally, other personnel on scene or present must be sensitive to this issue within their scope of authority.  Personnel must continually reassess the situation and ensure the level of force being used meets the objectively reasonableness standard.  (LE1) (M M M M)

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