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Proposed new Communications standard 2.2.7 relating to Wellness

At the November 2019 Covington, KY meeting of the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee (SRIC) the committee directed staff to post the following proposed new standard to the clients for comments.  Please post your comments or send correspondence to CALEA by Friday, January 24th, 2020.


2.2.7 Wellness (New Proposed Standard)

If an agency has a wellness program for employees, a written directive governs the following:

a. Who is eligible to participate;

b. When participation is authorized;

c. Incentives for participation, if any;

d. Program support and / or guidance

Wellness programs are designed to improve the health and wellness of participants. These programs are above and beyond Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).  They are designed to include physical, emotional, and financial guidance. They can provide tips on stress management, smoking cessation and investing for retirement. Some wellness programs provide incentives for participation. Organizations should make efforts to ensure all personnel are aware of these programs; when participation is authorized; and whether family members can participate. If there are incentives, clear instructions should be provided describing all requirements. There should also be clear instructions on how to get help navigating the program/s. (M M M)

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