At the May 2019 Huntsville, AL meeting of the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee (SRIC) the committee directed staff to post for client comments the following standard.  Please post your comments or send them to CALEA prior to Friday July 5th, 2019.



(M M M M) (LE1) Pursuit of Motor Vehicles

A written directive governs pursuit of motor vehicles, to include:

a. evaluating the circumstances;

b. defining the criteria under which pursuit can be initiated;

c. initiating unit/personnel responsibilities;

d. designating secondary unit's responsibilities;

e. specifying roles and restrictions pertinent to marked, unmarked, or other types of police vehicle involvement in the pursuit;

f. assigning telecommunicator's responsibilities;

g. describing supervisor's responsibilities;

h. specifying when to terminate pursuit;

i. specifying authority to terminate pursuit;

j. engaging in inter- and intra-jurisdictional pursuits involving personnel from the agency and/or other jurisdictions;

k. requiring a written report and an administrative review of each pursuit; and

l. conducting a documented annual analysis of pursuit reports, to include a review of policy and reporting procedures, approved by the agency CEO.;

m. documented initial training on the agency’s pursuit policy; and

n.  documented annual review of the pursuit policy by all sworn personnel.



Vehicle pursuits pose a high risk for officers and the community. The agency should have explicit policies and procedures for pursuits. All sworn personnel should be provided with this written directive. Agencies may should wish to consider conduct initial training and frequent annual discussion and review of these policies/procedures during shift briefings and/or in- service training sessions.

Communications personnel are encouraged to be included in the initial training and annual review.

A review of incidents involving vehicle pursuits may reveal patterns or trends that indicate training needs, modifications, and/or the additional or deletion of applicable equipment. The absence of pursuit reports does not remove the requirement of reviewing the policies, procedures, and practices associated with the reporting process. (M M M M) (LE1) Time sensitive standard.

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